Donate to a Chapter

PFLAG is an All Volunteer Grassroots Organization

Our chapters are completely self-funding and do not receive any funds from PFLAG National.

In fact, we annually send PFLAG National a portion of our membership dues. Every single donation has an impact on our work and success. With your help, we can continue to support and unify families, provide our youth safer schools and scholarships, produce educational materials and outreach programs, and advocate for equality.

Our chapter membership forms typically include the option to make a donation when you become a member, but you can make direct donation at any time. To contribute to a Washington PFLAG chapter directly, just click the button with its name to go to its donation page. Some chapters may not have an online donation page and you may need to contact them for an in person donation.

If you don't see your chapter listed here, please contact us at and we can add it to our page.